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Current Issue

Volume 56, Number 1

Published FEBRUARY 2014

Cover photograph: University of Adelaide at night, by Chad Mauger. ©2102

Letter from the editor. Ian R. Dobson


The ethics and politics of ethics approval. Tim Battin, Dan Riley & Alan Avery

Engaging or training sessional staff. Evidence from an Australian case of enhanced engagement and motivation in teaching delivery. Philippa Byers & Massimiliano Tani

Enthusiasm and the effective modern academic. Brett Freudenberg & Lisa Samarkovski

Expectations of university student learning quality: an introductory study. Dennis Bryant

The tertiary debate: a case study analysis of factors considered when applying for university entry by traditional age school leavers in Brisbane. Fiona Harden, Gabrielle Davis & Kerrie Mengersen

Higher education and the minerals boom: a view from the regions. Philip Bell

Agility: a crucial capability for universities in times of disruptive change and innovation. Sheila Mukerjee


The educative potential of industrial action: lessons from the picket line. Yarran Hominh

Another matrix revolution? The overlap of university work. Carroll Graham

To market, to market … Arthur O’Neill

Neo-conned university. Andee Jones 

Why write book reviews? Franklin Obeng-Odoom


Hang on, ELP is on its way! English Language Standards in Higher Education: From entry to exit by Sophie Arkoudis, Chi Baik & Sarah Robertson. Reviewed by Jim McGrath

Sense out of chaos. On the Purpose of a University Education by Luciano Boschiero (ed.). Reviewed by Giles Pickford

Ideologically speaking ... Teaching in the Age of Ideology by John von Heyking & Lee Trepanier (eds). Reviewed by Thomas Klikauer

Emancipatory education: a review essay. Corporatism, Social Control, and Cultural Domination in Education: From the radical right to globalization: The selected works of Joel Spring by Joel Spring. Reviewed by Thomas Klikauer