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Current Issue

Volume 56, Number 2

Published NOVEMBER 2014

Cover photograph: John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU, Canberra, by Dirk HR Spennemann ©2012. Reproduced with permission. 

Letter from the editor. Ian R. Dobson


Democracy and international higher education in China by Andrys Onsman & Jackie Cameron

Indigenous employment and enterprise agreements in Australian universities by Cath Brown

Students’ early departure intention and the mitigating role of support by Hamish Coates 

Is there a correlation between US university presidential pay and performance? by Laura Risler & Laura M. Harrison

Universities and the public good: A review of knowledge exchange policy and related university practice in Australia by Michael Cuthill, Éidín O’Shea, Bruce Wilson & Pierre Viljoen

Towards postcolonial management of transnational education  by Peter Ling, Margaret Mazzolini & Beena Giridharan


Love, fear and learning in the market university by Raewyn Connell 

Confronting academic snobbery by Brian Martin & Majken Jul Sørensen

A poem and two senryu by Arthur O’Neill


You say you want a revolution...  The Dawkins Revolution 25 Years On by Gwilym Croucher, Simon Marginson, Andrew Norton & Julie Wells (Eds.). Reviewed by Paul Rodan

At last count … The Rise Of Data in Education Systems: Collection, visualization and use by Martin Lawn (Ed.). Reviewed by Neil Mudford.

What’s up, Doc? Developing Generic Support for Doctoral Students: Practice and pedagogy by Susan Carter and Deborah Laurs (Eds.). Reviewed by Pam Herman.

Be mobile Internationalisation of Higher Education and Global Mobility by Bernhard Streitwieser (Ed.). Reviewed by Andrys Onsman.

Another season, another reason, for makin’ policy Making Policy in Turbulent Times: Challenges and prospects for higher education (Queen’s Policy Studies) by Paul Axelrod, Roopa Desai Trilokekar, Theresa Shanahan and Richard Wellen (Eds.). Reviewed by Andrys Onsman.

The Gender Gap: Still a schism? Generation and Gender in Academia by Barbara Bagilhole and Kate White (Eds.). Reviewed by Carroll Graham.

Diversity 101 Managing and Supporting Student Diversity in Higher Education. A case book by Robyn Benson, Margaret Hegney, Lesley Hewitt, Glenda Crosling & Anita Devos. Reviewed by Georgina Tsolidis.

More diversity Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education: Emerging perspectives on institutional transformation by Daryl G. Smith (Ed.).  Reviewed by Dennis Bryant.

Hearing voices? Student Voices On Inequalities in European Higher Education: Challenges for theory, policy and practice in a time of change by Fergal Finnegan, Barbara Merrill & Camilla Thunborg (Eds.). Reviewed by Dennis Bryant.

Beware all ye who enter here! Academic Life and Labour in the New University by Ruth Barcan. Reviewed by Janin Bredehoeft.

Rhizomatic learning rules, OK? Educating the Postmodern Child: The struggle for learning in a world of virtual realities by Fiachra Long. Reviewed by Andee Jones.

A capital idea? Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism by David Harvey. Reviewed by Thomas Klikauer.

Help! I need somebody / Help! Not just anybody… Helping Doctoral Students Write: Pedagogies for supervision by Barbara Kamler and Pat Thomson. Reviewed by Franklin Obeng-Odoom.

The knowledge profession? Knowledge, Expertise and the Professions by Michael Young and Johan Muller (Eds.). Reviewed by Andrys Onsman.