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University of Melbourne

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  1. Important information on policy changes at UniMelb

    Posted 18 July 2014 by Corey Rabaut (University of Melbourne)

    We have recently received substantial queries on the draft documents the University has sent out for consultation. They are the Placement, Redeployment and Redundancy Policy– Professional Staff ...

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  2. NTEU submission for the BIP restructure

    Posted 18 July 2014 by Corey Rabaut (University of Melbourne)

    We would like to thank all the members who have participated in the consultation process of BIP. The information provided by the University was far from adequate however it was still important to be ...

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  3. Giving up the Booz ... A BIP Newsletter

    Posted 15 July 2014 by Rebecca Muratore (University of Melbourne)

    Thank you to all of the members who contributed to our BIP Newsletter. You can download the newsletter below to share with your colleagues. If you would like to contribute, contact ...

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    Giving Up the Booz... A Uni Melb BIP Newsletter

    • Published: 15 Jul, 2014
    • Issue:
    • Tags: Melb, BIP

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  4. University Policies and your rights

    Posted 15 July 2014 by Rebecca Muratore (University of Melbourne)

    The University has issued a number of draft policies in the last few weeks that seek to establish new arrangements for Professional staff working conditions. It is the right of the University to ...

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  5. Raise your Voice! BI-Poetry and Songs for the next rally!

    Posted 15 July 2014 by Rebecca Muratore (University of Melbourne)

    Our members have been busy creatively protesting the BIP proposals and job cuts. Here are some songs and poetry, created by one of our members, the BIP-oet Lorry At high speed in a Truck-u-lent Mood. ...

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  6. 2013/14 NTEU Taxation Statements

    Posted 9 July 2014 by Glenn Osmand (NTEU National Office)

    Current taxation statements for membership fees collected by the NTEU via Direct Debit, Credit Card and Invoice are available for download from your NTEU Member page.

    To access your statement, go ...

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  7. Save our Jobs, Save our Uni Petition

    Posted 9 July 2014 by Rebecca Muratore (University of Melbourne)

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    Save our Jobs, Save our University
    We the undersigned staff, students and community members are deeply concerned about the proposal to cut 540 professional staff positions at the University of Melbourne, and call on the Vice Chancellor, Glyn Davis to listen to the voice of the University community, who oppose these job cuts.
    We are deeply concerned that that the University so far has provided little rationale for the necessity of the job cuts on this scale, and are ignoring the feedback of committed staff who know that these cuts will hurt staff and students.
    Professional staff are the support network of any university. If we want to continue to deliver and support quality teaching and research at the University of Melbourne, and improve the way we do these things, we need our professional staff, who are the heart of the University.
    We know redundancies result in increased workloads, uncertainty and staff demoralisation, and will not improve the service that the University delivers. The University of Melbourne is Australia’s number 1 university because of its dedicated and committed staff. We call upon the Vice Chancellor to use the existing skills, knowledge and expertise of professional staff to innovate and create positive change, instead of letting go of committed people with valuable knowledge and experience in the tertiary education sector. 
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  8. NTEU elections: Uncontested declarations, extension of nominations

    Posted 8 July 2014 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

    A list of extension of nominations for uncontested declarations in NTEU elections in can be found here:


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  9. Budget a shocker for Indigenous Australians

    Posted 8 July 2014 by Celeste Liddle (Indigenous)

    The Federal Budget contained a number of nasty surprises for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Cuts were expected, and pre-empted to a certain degree, but when the news came through that a total of $500 million had been cut from essential Indigenous services, the shock in the community was apparent.

    In particular, equity measures within Indigenous education, health and legal services have been the hardest hit and there seems little opportunity for response. In short, we have a huge fight ahead in a hostile

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  10. 2014 Online Teaching Conditions Survey

    Posted 7 July 2014 by Jen T. Kwok (NTEU National Office)

    The NTEU is seeking your input to help our campaign for better working conditions.

    If you are a casual or sessional academic, you can take the 2014 Online Teaching Conditions Survey here.

    You ...

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