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  1. Media Release: La Trobe Vice Chancellor exposes real reasons for sackings

    Posted 19 September 2014 by Michael Evans (NTEU National Office)

    The whole sham of the budget-forced restructure and proposed job losses at La Trobe University was, ironically, exposed by Vice Chancellor John Dewar himself last Friday.

    In a meeting with staff and ...

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  2. ‘Redundancy’ Process a Sham: Reinstate Pauline Doran now

    Posted 10 November 2011 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

    Lacking in transparency and rationale, the process which resulted in academic job losses in the Science Faculty earlier this year has been exposed as a sham. It was based on a budgeting fiction, ...

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  3. Breakthrough on consultation in Science Faculty

    Posted 13 July 2011 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

    NTEU and Monash University have agreed to go to the independent umpire about Science Faculty consultation. Last week the NTEU notified University management of yet another dispute over ...

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  4. Mathematical Sciences staff to meet over Science redundancies

    Posted 8 July 2011 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

    Following on from meetings of the other Schools in the Faculty of Science last week, staff in the School of Mathematical Sciences are meeting on Thursday July 14th at 1:00pm. Staff across the Faculty ...

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  5. Management tries to axe more jobs in Faculty of Science, NTEU lodges disputes

    Posted 4 July 2011 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

    Three weeks ago, some Science Faculty staff received a letter saying that the Faculty was in the red and 16 jobs had to go. The term "financial exigency" was used. You would think that there was a ...

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  6. Faculty of Science staff act to protect jobs

    Posted 7 June 2011 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

    Staff in the Schools of Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences and Geosciences met last week to discuss their options in the wake of the announcement by senior management to axe 16 jobs in the ...

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  7. Redundancies not genuine, overworked members say

    Posted 31 March 2011 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

    Members have alerted the NTEU Branch Office to many instances where Voluntary Separation Packages (VSPs) were given to staff last year when the work was clearly still necessary. VSPs are essentially ...

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  8. VSPs and Restructures: NTEU Meetings on all campuses

    Posted 19 November 2010 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

    In light of the restructures and academic strengthening occurring at Monash University, the offer of Voluntary Separation Packages, the overwhelming number of staff who expressed interest in one and ...

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  9. Academic Strengthening and Performance Benchmarks

    Posted 19 October 2010 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

    Through various leaks and unofficial pronouncements many members may already be aware of the minimum and aspirational performance standards which are targeted to come into effect in each Faculty next ...

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  10. Frequently Asked Questions about Voluntary Separation Packages

    Posted 15 October 2010 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

    Please see below a document which answers some of the most common questions about Voluntary Separation Packages. If your question is not answered here, please email the Monash Branch Office at ...

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